Summer School Bus Routes

UPDATED 5/27/21

Summer School starts June 1. Bus routes are as follows:

Parents please note that these routes were set up using information received as of May 20.  If your information was later, then you need to find a stop nearest your home.  Also note that routes are NOT the same as regular school. For Summer School, stop locations are typically street intersections. Please allow a few days for us to adjust to the new times and locations.  Start times are preliminary for now.

Bus #1 (Stroker) Start 6:40 at Finley (am)> Pitker> Yager> Hawk> Shaw>  Stacey Caldwell(pm).  Town Stops: Haig/Jefferson- Jefferson/Bland- Jefferson/Home- 309 W. Walsh(pm)-1000 S. Maple- Vine/ Pershing- Bland/Lincoln- Bland/ Cleveland- Cleveland Home- 801 W. Walsh- Union/Oak- Union/Maple- 100 W. Washington (pm).

Bus #3 (Lee) Start 6:50 at Wright> Wise> Little> Trainor> Powers> LaRue> town. Town stops: Elm/Union- 607 E. State(pm)- 412 E. State- Clark/ Olive- Clark/Union- 309 E. Walsh- Clark/Walsh- 602 S. Monroe- Monroe/ Bland- Fourth/Main- Walsh/Lindell- Jefferson/Woodlawn- Jefferson/Olive.  

Bus #5 (Hester) Start 6:35 at 39500 ACR 572> Embree (pm)> Kyle Gibson> Lucas Gibson> Green(pm)> town.  Town stops-Horn- Daniels/Jefferson- Daniels/Walnut- Arlington/Maple- Maple/Missouri- 710 Maple- Maple/Sixth- Oak/Seventh- Oak/Missouri- 702 N. Galloway- Oak/St. John- Maple/St. John- Sixth/Jefferson- McPike/Jefferson- McPike/Walnut- McPike/Oak- 1008 W. McPike(am)- 406 Galloway Rd. 

Bus #6 (Smith). Start 6:35 at 2310 E. Hwy 54. Smith> Dawson Gibson> Bartel> Levengood> Butler> Schambach(pm)> town route.

Town stops: 105 Alford- 212 E. Arlington- 102 W. Missouri- Lindell/McPike (pm)- Lindell/Page(am)- Page/Clark- Page/Grant- Sonlight Daycare- 714 E Washington. 

Bus #7 (Waters).  Start 6:55 at Sharp> Farber.  Town stops: Kuda’s (pm)- Fuget- 105 W. Hickory- 209 N. Main- 108 N. Oak- 102 N Oak- 103 S Oak- 103 S Pleasant- Lynn’s.  To Vandalia. Vandalia stops: Daniels/Washington- 713 W Page- 801W Page- SMBC Daycare am/pm.