The Van-Far R1 School District is looking for the following:

Transportation Director/Maintenance Support

Transportation (~75%)

  1. Planning and forecasting for student transportation needs. 

  2. Ensure driver timesheets are submitted on a monthly basis to human resources.

  3. Maintain records of student rider lists and submit required reports to the state.

  4. Schedule buses for all activity trips and field trips as needed.

  5. Maintain records of activity/field trip mileage for annual report.

  6. Work with the administration and drivers in dealing with discipline problems.

  7. Follow up on public complaints regarding driver performance.

  8. Prepare transportation reports to be filed with the state.

  9. Be a liaison between the public and the administration.

  10. Driver recruitment/training/licensing (full time and sub drivers)

  11. Schedule and ensure maintenance of the bus fleet.

    1. Oil/Lube 

    2. Tire Wear/Repair/Replacement.

    3. Communication Equipment.

    4. Surveillance Equipment.

    5. Cold weather equipment.

    6. Additional areas as needed.

    7. Bus washing

  12.  Monitor local road and bridge conditions to make recommendations on safety.

    1. Communicate needs to MoDOT and county districts.

    2. Inclement weather recommendations.

  13. Coordinate annual bus inspections.

  14. Accident Investigations.

  15. Drive a daily route and cover any routes during the school day as needed.

  16. Acquire bids as needed/required.

  17. Other duties as assigned by the superintendent.

Maintenance (~25%)

  1. Help develop preventive maintenance schedule with Director of Maintenance/Director of Technology

  2. Other duties as assigned by the superintendent.

*This part of the position could change based on the skill set of the successful candidate.

Salary Range: $35,000-$45,000

12 Month Position

Benefits included.

CDL with bus endorsement required

A successful background check is required.  Applications are available in the Superintendent’s office 573-594-6111 or on our website (