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The A+ Schools Program Overview

The A+ Schools Program is a comprehensive program of curricular, instructional, and technological developments and
improvements designed to better meet the needs of all students, whether they plan to attend a traditional four-year college,
community college, vocational or technical school, or seek employment directly after graduation. It provides guidelines for extensive curricular development,
staff development, career guidance, interventions to address the needs of at-risk students, articulation agreements with post-secondary educational institutions,
and the development of applied courses that provide learning in a real-world context.

Goals of the A+ Schools Program

As outlined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the three goals of the A+ Schools Program are as follows

  1. All students will graduate from high school.
  2. All students will complete a challenging course of high school studies with identified and measurable learning expectations.
  3. All students will proceed from high school graduation to college or post-secondary vocational/technical school, or high wage job with opportunities for skill development and advancement.

These three goals illustrate the basic purpose of the A+ Schools Program. The purpose of the program is to provide every student with the skills,
background, and support required for them to successfully become responsible, productive citizens after graduation.

Student Benefits

All students will benefit from improved curriculum; more effective instructional techniques; clearly defined, measurable course expectations
and academic standards; extensive career exploration and guidance activities, and the development of a more focused graduation program.
Those students identified, as being at-risk of not graduating will also benefit from targeted interventions and increased support to help them achieve success.
Students meeting qualification requirements may also be eligible for 48 months of paid tuition and fees at Missouri community colleges and vocational/technical schools, provided the state legislature continues to approve funding for the A+ Scholarship.

Student Eligibility

To be eligible for the A+ Scholarship, a student must be certified as an A+ student by Van-Far R-I High School

To be eligible for assistance you must meet the following requirements: